Wadden Physiotherapy and Sport Performance is a Physiotherapy located in Sydney, Nova Scotia that offers quality, individualized care to our patients.
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About Us

About Wadden Physiotherapy

Wadden Physiotherapy and Sport Performance is a private practice physiotherapy clinic located in Membertou, NS. We have extensive experience in treating orthopaedic, MVA, WCB and sports injury patients.  We want to provide the quality, individualized care people want and need to achieve their goals – whether that’s gardening, playing sports, working or playing with their children or grandchildren.

We want to provide the same care to our patients that we would want our families to receive. We are passionate about what we do and offer a personable and positive environment for our patients. We want to empower them to take an active role in their recovery. We believe that physiotherapy is not something that is “done to you”, but should be a collaborative effort with the patient.

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Our Care Priorities

Pain Management

We will help you manage your symptoms through hands on care, exercise and a variety of treatment modalities. We focus on education so that you understand what is causing your symptoms, your treatment plan and what you can do to perform the daily activities that are important to you.

Improve Mobility

Pain and injury can make everyday movements very difficult to do. This often leads to altered movement patterns and restrictions in range of motion. We will help you restore or improve your mobility and return to the activities you enjoy.

Increase Strength

As your pain level and mobility improve, it is essential that focus on improving strength and your overall function. We want to educate you on how to make your body more resilient to reduce the risk of injury recurrence and improve your overall level of performance.

About Our Clinic

We are a locally owned and operated physiotherapy clinic. We perform all of our assessments and treatments in private rooms and also have a fully functional gym space. We will take the time to perform a thorough assessment and educate our patients about their condition and how we’re going to reach their desired goals. We will establish a plan of care that is current and that can be modified or progressed as you improve. We believe that it is essential that patients take an active role in their own recovery. We will communicate with your healthcare providers to keep them updated on your progress and care. We are a team of innovative, passionate and caring healthcare professionals that will strive to offer high-quality, individualized care and be active members of our community!

About Mike Wadden

Mike Wadden was born and raised in Sydney River and has been working in Cape Breton since graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Dalhousie University in 2002. He grew up playing numerous sports and is a strong believer in the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle.

He has extensive experience working with orthopaedic, sports injuries, WCB, motor vehicle accidents and post-op patients. He has a true passion for the profession and enjoys working with patients of all ages. He believes that quality care begins with a thorough assessment and education of the condition. He believes in a collaborative effort with the patient to determine treatment goals and that they must be an active participant in their own recovery.

In the past number of years, he has focused on furthering his education in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture and recently completed his Advanced Sports Certification in Neurofunctional Acupuncture from McMaster University.

He has a keen interest in the treatment of myofascial restriction, repetitive strain injuries, work-related injuries, and sports injuries, including knee and shoulder injuries to name a few.

In his spare time, he likes to hike, play basketball and softball and stays active with his wife Dena, daughter Myka and dog Blue.

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